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Distribute our most popular product - the Butt it Out™ Quit Smoking Aid.

Information below.

Butt it Out™ 6 Pack Counter Displayer

  • This is a ground floor business opportunity.

  • Recession Proof.

  • You have unlimited earning potential.

  • Territories are free and going fast.

  • Initial investment - $0.00 to us - maybe $10.00 to you for purchasing photocopies.

  • Ongoing residual income - your customers are yours as long as you stay with us.

  • As an Independent Distributor you can approach beauty salons, nail salons, spas, restaurants, health food stores and many other businesses.

1. Our products are cutting edge and proven in the marketplace

2. Our business plan is simple and easily duplicated. Not MLM!

3. Our Medicine has Mass Appeal 

4. There will be lots of Reorders

5. Your Own Distributorship Gives You These Important Benefits

Our products are cutting edge and proven in the marketplace

Our Butt it Out™ Quit Smoking Aid is protected by Trademark and is a proprietary medicine with a Drug Identification Number which means it has been approved by the government as an over the counter medicine to help people quit smoking. This medicine can be sold anywhere in the world.

The brand name Butt it Out™ has been the focus of 10 years of mass branding in the U.S. and Canadian marketplaces! This medicine is backed by solid scientific proof that it will accomplish what we say it will (otherwise we wouldn't have received regulatory approvals).

We are a credible corporation with products that are backed by scientific evidence and various approvals and registrations with the FDA and Health Canada; protected by Copyright, Patent and Trademark laws .. things to consider before joining any sales organization! And remember, we are NOT MLM.

These great products are all manufactured according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Guidelines set forth by Health Canada and the FDA in the United States.

Product strengths should always be taken into consideration before joining any company such as ours! We know that ongoing product distribution and customer satisfaction is the life blood of our company. And therefore we ensure that our hard working distributors are protected in the long term!

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Our business plan is simple and easily duplicated! Not MLM!

Our business plan is a simple one, developed for distributors to make a lot of money and to keep that money coming in to them over the years of their involvement with us. Building a lasting sales business takes hard work but it also demands that you sell something that people will want. And just as importantly, a product that they will continue to purchase from you and/or give you referrals of people who will also want what only you have! In short, our mediciness work and people need them.

Be among the FIRST to reap the rewards!

As an independent sales rep you will purchase product from us at below wholesale prices - after a retailer places an order with you. You then resell the medicine at a wholesale price to your retail customers. We have sales aids that will help you in your new business; color brochures, product info sheets, etc. that you can give out to your prospects. You print these from your own printer or have photocopies made.

Tell Others by Word of Mouth

Tell everyone you know who smokes, that you sell the Butt it Out™ Quit Smoking Aid. Give them a brochure and sell at Retail Pricing to them. If they are not a store owner it matters not that you make a higher margin on this type of personal sale.

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More on the Business Plan

This business plan is unique in that we don’t pay you a commission - your profits are yours! You are essentially ordering your customers' products at below wholesale through us. You use our recommended pricing structure because we know these prices work. There is little price haggling or hesitation to buy the product because your customer already knows its value! Many people would pay and do almost anything to quit smoking! And remember, nicotine replacement products just keep the quitter addicted to nicotine. And they are very expensive!

It’s your business to be run the way you like. But, although you’re in business for yourself, you’re not in business by yourself. We offer free training and guidance. You are always welcome to call or e-mail with any questions you may have. We are always here to help.

You are allowed to advertise and promote your business in any way that does not tarnish our name. Allowed methods are websites, print advertising, radio, t.v., newspaper and more. If in doubt, check with us.

Reps sell our products through a variety of means including (but not limited to) retail stores, businesses, home parties, catalog parties, direct mail, websites, fundraising, flea markets (swap meets) and more.

We Offer an Excellent Profit Margin

Your average gross profit per sale works out to be a 40% margin. In other words, your gross profit is $30.00 per 6 pack sold. There are literally 10's of thousands of beauty salons out there and this is where you should concentrate your efforts. Selling to the owners of these shops should keep you very busy.


While many people will join us just to earn a little extra cash each month by sharing our amazing medicine with their smoking friends, family and neighbors; many others will go on to earn a significant income selling to retail outlets.

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Our products have Mass Appeal 

There are literally millions of smokers in the U.S. and it is a proven statistic that at least 65% of these people want to quit smoking! You can help them!

There will be lots of Re-orders

The Butt it Out™ all natural smoking deterrents will also help you establish a big list of Happy Customers! Think of it .. millions of people every year try to quit smoking but are unsuccessful.

Your Own Distributorship Gives You These Important Benefits 

Not Multi-Level Sales: This is absolutely not a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program. You keep the profits you earn; no exorbitant consumer retail pricing, no meetings to attend, no sponsoring, no down lines, no heavy marketing hype.

No Fee: Enjoy the benefits of a franchise without fees, royalty obligations or high operating expenses.

Low-Cost Start-Up: You have no inventory investment and virtually no overhead costs. Printer ink, gas for your car or bus tokens are your responsibility as you build your route of happy customers. And remember, your retail customers will thank you for offering them a new way to increase their bottom-line.

Your Choice of Part-Time or Full-Time: Enjoy the latitude of determining your own level of commitment. Set your own goals ... part-time supplemental income or full-time for significant steady income with a solid growth potential.

Repeat Orders from Consumers: Build your business and enjoy the residual income with steady, repeat-sales from customers.

Protected Distributorship: Without territorial restrictions, you could enjoy unlimited earnings and exponential growth.

Your Competitive Advantage: Not typically available in mass merchandise stores, discount chains or supermarkets, our formulations are produced using the finest-quality nutritional ingredients, manufactured under strict quality-control, quality-assurance guidelines. Each production batch is laboratory-tested to assure product purity, freshness, potency and disintegration time. After laboratory analysis is completed, our medicines are pharmaceutically fresh packaged, available for shipment to distributors worldwide directly from our factory.

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Upon receiving your information a Company Rep will contact you and guide you through the process of getting started in your own business. Everything you need to start generating sales including your confidential distributor price list, descriptive product brochures and sales literature are made available to you at this website. You'll note our corporate name, address and phone number are not printed anywhere in the sales literature. These marketing-sales aids are designed to allow your own identity imprint so consumers can only order the products from you, our authorized distributor.

Upon submission and acceptance of your Distributor Application form, you will be sent a website link where you will be able to download our sales aids and purchase our products as you need them. 

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